folios 283 à 309 : version dite "Pseudo-Boethius, Geometry I"

(Menso Folkerts' medieval list of Euclid manuscripts)

folio 295 : Punctus est cuius pars nulla est.

folio 300 : Figure II.5

folio 302 : Figures IV.2 à IV.12

folio  303 : Figure IV.11





A composite manuscript intended for teaching purposes, written in Mainz during the first half of the 11th century, possibly brought to St. Gall by the monk Ekkehart IV.
Ekkehart IV. taught intermittently at the cathedral school in Mainz and added a great many glosses to this manuscript.
St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek 830
Parchment, 23x18.5cm.
Mainz · 11th century.

Incipiunt libri A. S. Boetii artis geometricae et arithmeticae ab Euclide translati.