Archaic Greek Art, ca. 700-490/480 B.C.: Sculpture

 Kouroi (Plural of Kouros, youth)

Korai (Plural of Kore, maiden)

Lady of Auxerre, ca. 650 B.C

Hera of Samos, ca. 570-560 B.C.
Dedicated by Cheramyes.
Perhaps a statue of a mortal woman, perhaps of the goddess Hera

Peplos kore, ca. 53O B.C. one of a group of korai found in the debris of the Persian destruction of the Acropolis, Athens, in 490 B.C.
Kore, found on the Acropolis in Athens, but probably made in the Greek Islands. Wears Ionic dress (chiton and himation) ca. 510 B.C.
Siphnian Treasury, Delphi, ca. 525 B.C