Cambridge, Trinity college library
Heb. R 14 61, hebrew translation of Euclid, 14th century

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A descriptive catalogue of the Arabic, Persian, and Turkish manuscripts in the library of Trinity college, Cambridge 1870
R. 14. 61. Folio, vellum; 71 leaves. Ashkenazic hand.
Euclid, translated by Jacob b. Machir (Steinschneider, p. 1233).
The MS., as appears from some marginal notes, has been in the possession of a Sephardi.
On the second leaf is the name of an owner, Elhanan b. Jacob.
Other owners appear to have been Menasseh of Padua (fol. la), Samuel b. Joseph, and Solomon b. Moses of Finzi.
It was brought from India by the late Dr. Mill.
A note on fol. 2a states that the volume was sold together with a paper copy of the Almagest.
At a later period it fetched 22 florins.
On a separate leaf, in the handwriting of one of the annotators, the book is said to have been sold for 5,5 ducats, in 1478.

Tony Lévy, une version hébraïque inédite des Éléments d’Euclide, in Les voies de la science grecque, Droz 1997.
Nous avançons l’hypothèse que l’auteur de cette version pourrait être Jacob ben Abba Mari ben Simson Anatoli, oncle de Moïse ibn Tibbon.
Cette version de Cambridge serait la plus ancienne traduction hébraïque connue des Éléments

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